Automotive Films “Sougioltsis”

Soygioltsis Car Solar Membranes

We place automotive solar films collaborating with the leading company worldwide  ASWF, providing a lifetime warranty as well as a certificate to be used in KTEO control (A certificate required in Greek territory).

Sunscreen Membranes SougioltsisThe Automotive Films of ASWF do exactly that. They provide absolute protection against the harmful effects of the sun, safety and style, satisfying your needs and your car’s value!

Protecting your car by 99% from solar and ultraviolet rays , reducing the temperature inside the car significantly,and due to the non-metallized ceramic window tints, these benefits are maximized. The lack of visibility and the breakage of the crystals are eliminated by placing automotive solar films that offers us a solution for protection, comfort and safety when driving.

Choose between a variety of shades:

Αντηλιακές Μεμβράνες Παρμπρίζ Σουγιολτσής

Τοποθετούμε αντηλιακές μεμβράνες της ASWF κορυφαίας εταιρίας παγκοσμίως παρέχοντας εγγύηση εφόρου ζωής  καθώς και πιστοποιητικό για χρήση στο ΚΤΕΟ.















The benefits of the automotive window tinting of ASWF are various and every type of shade has its own properties :

Discretion: the darker or more reflective the film is,  the more discretion and privacy offers.
Reduction of  the sun’s harmful UV rays: the lower the transmission of visible light (VLT) is, the less harmful the sun’s UV rays are.
Protection against the fading and the wear of the vehicle’s interior: all automotive window tinting of ASWF, due to their professional quality and performance, discard up to 99% of the ultraviolet radiation (U/V), which is the main cause of the wear of the car’s interior.
Heat rejection: The automotive window films of ASWF reduce the heat transfered to the interior of the car. The reflective films and the ones that contain a metallized layer offer an even more effective heat rejection. This happens because the plating helps the film reflect the heat instead of absorbing it. As a result, the interior of the car remains cooler and pleasant.

With the solar films, the materials of the interior of the car are protected more effectively against the  famous chaps caused by the long persistence of the vehicles in the sun. Finally, the film protects it’s self, since it does not absorb in its interior a large amount of heat thus increasing its life.
Safety: All ASWF automotive window films increase safety in cases of breakage of crystals.