Vehicle Fleet Service

Fleet Services

Our company “Windscreen Sougioltsis”, being well aware of the needs of the companies disposing a fleet of vehicles, offers high quality and time saving services that adjust to your every needs.

We make sure that we regularly check the vehicles of your fleet in order to cover immediately your needs and save time most of times having the vehicles repaired in the space that are parked.

Specifically the services we offer in order to service your fleet of vehicles:

  1. Frequent checking to your fleet vehicles for damage or small breaks in the front windshield.
  2. Informing and arranging the repair or change of the crystals.
  3. Service in  place where the vehicle is parked when possible.
  4. We can speak directly with your insurer and manage the claim on your behalf.
  5. Great availability of crystals.
  6. Service of the vehicles in the non moving hours upon request.

Keep your vehicles always functional through the “Vehicle fleet Care Service” of the “windscreen SoUgioltsis” !

Call us at 2310. 90.54.53 or email us at mailto:[email protected]