Meet the company windscreen "Sougioltsis" in Thessaloniki.Meet the company “Windscreen Sougioltsis” in Thessaloniki.

We are specialized in the replacement and repair of car windshields and side windows, the placing of automotive solar films, the fitting of windscreen wipers, window mechanisms and car mirrors.

For 20 years, we keep protecting you and your car.

We have the most specialized techniques that guarantee the best application and durability.

We collaborate with the majority of the insurance companies offering high quality services, optimum know-how and excellent service  to vehicle owners.

We cooperate directly with the insurance companies by taking over all the paperwork on behalf of the insured without any charge of exemption.

We offer guaranteed work and original spare parts for every type of vehicle.

Our priority is the safety, the excellent service and the smile of the customer.

and we do this all, because… We love what we do!!!

Our company is located at Gr  Lampraki Str. No 90, Ano Toumpa, Thessaloniki.

We will be glad to assist you!

Call us at 2310 90.54.53
And at 6947 56.19.35

Member of the European Network  

Automotive Glass Europe