The company windscreen “Sougioltsis” is specialized in repairing and replacing car crystals.

We can repair and replace any crystal that has been damaged in your vehicle, whether there is insurance coverage for glass damage or not.

Front Windshield Repair

Repair Windshield Replacement If the front windshield has a small crack that its rays  do not exceed the size of a 2 euro coin, we can repair it. Shortly, without causing any damage to the vehicle and without replacing the front windshield.

The process we follow and the technologically advanced tools help us to  achieve an 100% guarantee of the restoration of the durability of the front windshield of your vehicle.

Glass Replacement

Repair Windshield Replacement If the windscreen has a large crack you don’t have to worry because we can replace it safely using the appropriate materials, tools and the most modern replacement techniques.

Also in the case of a broken side glass, rear windshield, porthole or  roof glass we are able to assist you and repair any damage. Whichever vehicle you have, old or new , contact us and we will proceed as quickly as possible to assist you.

We guarantee our work and we offer original spare parts for every type of vehicle.

Our company Windscreen “Sougioltsis” has a 20 year experience in the replacement of car crystals and is constantly updated for new developments and techniques regarding the subject of offering the best possible services to you.

Our priority is the safety, the excellent service and the smile of the customer.