Parmpriz Sougioltsis

Front Windshield Repair

Windscreen repair.

In which case can a front windshield repair be realized?

  1. The front windshield has a small stroke or cracking (repair).
  2. Its rays and cracks do not exceed the size of a 2 euro coin.
  3. The crack is about 5 cm from the edges of the windshield

If so, then we can repair the front windshield.

Quickly and immediately.

Without causing any damage to the vehicle.

Without replacing the front windshield.

The process of the front windshield repair and our technologically advanced tools guarantee the result.

The initial durability of your vehicle’s front windshield is restored.

The company windshield “Sougioltsis” is specialized in the repair of the  front windshield and the replacement of all vehicle glasses.

We can repair or replace any crystal that has been damaged in your vehicle whether your vehicle insurance covers you for glass damage or not.